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 Replacement Remote Control For Samsung 3D SMART TV 2008 -2016 MODELS

Replacement Remote Control For Samsung 3D SMART TV 2008 -2016 MODELS
Replacement Remote Control For Samsung 3D SMART TV 2008 -2016 MODELS

 Replacement Remote Control For Samsung 3D SMART TV 2008 -2016 MODELS

Product Details
  • MPN: SMSG-0816
  • SKU: SMSG-0816
  • Brand: Splinkteck
  • STOCK: No Stock
Price: 1.31 Exc VAT
Price: 1.57 Inc VAT
  • New Replacement Remote Control, but function same as original. 
  • No Programming and Manual Needed.
  • Perfectly Replace your Broken or Old One.
  • Remote for Samsung Smart TV BN59-00857A, AA59-00637A, BN59-01041A, AA59-00580A
Compatible with following Samsung TV models: 


UN60ES6100FXZA, UN60ES6100FXZAHH01, AA5900580A, UN32EH5300F, UN40EH5300F, UN40EH5300FXZA 

UN40ES6100F, UN40ES6150F, UN46EH5300F, UN46ES6100F, UN46ES6150F, UN46ES7500F, UN46ES8000F

UN50EH5300F, UN50ES6100F, UN50ES6150F, UN55ES6100F, UN55ES6100FXZA, UN55ES6150F, UN55ES7500F

UN55ES7500FXZA, UN55ES7550F, UN55ES8000F, UN60ES6100F, UN60ES7500F, UN60ES8000F, UN46EH5300FXZATH02, UN46EH5300FXZACH01

PN51E8000, PN51E8000GF, PN51E8000GFXZA, PN60E8000, PN60E8000GF, PN60E8000GFXZA, PN64E8000

PN64E8000GF, PN64E8000GFXZA, TM1250B, TM1290, UN40ES6100F, UN40ES6100FXZA, UN46ES6100

UN46ES6100F, UN46ES6100FXZA, UN46ES7500, UN46ES7500F, UN46ES7500FXZA, UN46ES8000, UN46ES8000F 

UN46ES8000FXZA, UN50ES6100F, UN50ES6100FXZA, UN55ES6100F, UN55ES6100FXZA, UN55ES7500, UN55ES7500F 

UN55ES7500FXZA, UN55ES7550, UN55ES7550F, UN55ES7550FXZA, UN55ES8000, UN55ES8000F, UN55ES8000FXZA 

UN55ES8000FXZATS01, UN60ES6100, UN60ES6100F, UN60ES6100FXZA, UN60ES6100SXZA, UN60ES7500, UN60ES7500F

UN60ES7500FXZA, UN60ES8000, UN60ES8000F, UN60ES8000FXZA, UN65ES8000, UN65ES8000F, UN65ES8000FXZA, UN75ES9000, UN75ES9000F, UN75ES9000FXZA

  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: Remote control
  • Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Package Contents: 
Replacement Remote Control For Samsung TV LCD Plasma