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New Helter Skelter Spiral Egg Holder Swirl Storage

New Helter Skelter Spiral Egg Holder Swirl Storage
Brand :Pluscom
Stock : 2030pcs
Price:£3.80 Exc VAT
Price:£4.56 Inc VAT

· It is easy to take the eggs out and it save much space too.
· It is a perfect way of saving and filling eggs into the top of the run will make definite that you use the eggs in going round as they come down the helter skelter formed frame.
· You can keep the older eggs at the top so they get used before the fresher ones.
· It’s suitable for every kitchen and cookery.
· It’s an ideal way to display and stock up your eggs.
· The holder can hold between 12 to 18 eggs depending onthe size of the eggs.
· Select the fresh eggs from the bottom of the roller.
· A great add to conventional and modern, up to date kitchens, cookeries etc.

Product size: 20.5*20.5*22cm; 
Weight: 323gms
Colour: Black

Package Content:

Spiral Egg Holder SwirlStorage Kitchen Stand
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